My Zero Waste month

Oh hello, you’re here. Guess what? I pledged to do a month zero waste. 

I have some experience trying to be zero waste as I have been working my way up to it for a while. I’d say that this year I have been lower waste. Lower waste meaning I have a water bottle, use cloth bags for veggies, we compost, we buy shampoo/conditioner/body wash in bulk, we buy some dry goods like rice, pasta, black beans in bulk and I make my toothpaste. 

Primarily I did the pledge because I wanted to take stock of where I am and see what other options there are for me to reduce more. 

My rules for zero waste month

1. Recycling is waste 

2. Purchased by me before the month starts is still waste 

3. Purchase by someone else before month start is not waste

4. Used solely by Ian is not my waste 

5. Food wasted is not ok (e.g. I’d rather eat something in packaging than let the food waste) 

My hopes for zero waste month 

  • One whole day of zero waste
  • Take reusable containers on holiday to reduce waste while traveling 
  • I have all I need. No non food purchase packaging
  • Get new ideas and alternatives for waste
  • Reduce junk mail
  • Refuse unnessecary packaging 
  • No packaged snacks
  • No plastic yoghurt pots 
  • No disposable coffee cups
  • No disposable plastic bottles
  • No plastic personal items such as toothpaste, shampoo, moisturiser etc…
  • No plastic bags or Ziplocks etc…
  • No plastic cleaning product packages 
  • No plastic packaging on toilet paper 
  • No plastic cutlery
  • No plastic straws 
  • No plastic milk bottles 

I’ll update what I learn and what I waste over the next few weeks. 



      • maleksiuk

        I have a question. Is using Babyganics Sunscreen against the rules even if you bought it before this challenge began and won’t run out of it until after this challenge ends? And if so, will you make your own or can you get sunscreen in bulk? Or maybe the right thing to do is just wear hats and long-sleeved shirts?

      • suziejprince

        Also I don’t feel so great about how I’m doing. I have quite a lot of waste so far. I even got given a plastic straw yesterday but I wasn’t expecting it. Ugg.

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