A lunchtime at Chez Wong

No sign. No cloakroom. No fancy servers. A notepad with our name and a nod to a table.

Other foreigners. Some professionals. Tourists. A local family. A film crew? Bourdain’s photo on the wall above us. Was that a drunk politician in the corner? Of course.


We’d all come here, the same, to this quiet place where an old man with a hat and wispy hair makes a handful of fish dishes at a table in the dining room. We’d all come to experience first rate ceviche from the hands of a master. Hands that were appropriately cutting and chopping their way through a flounder as we entered. It was a perfect lunchtime setting.

And apparently it is perfect as only days before our lunch we read that the ceviche at Chez Wong had been voted the tastiest fast food dish in the world by Chowzter. That explains the TV cameras then.

We started with that now famous dish. Ceviche. Famous in Peru. Perfected in Lima. And praised here.


Flounder, octopus, onion, seasoning and a touch of lemon juice.

Fresh. Salty. Firm. Zingy. Spicy.

Rawer and with more bite than I’m used to, the fish and octopus were hardly cured at all. They were unadulterated. Simple.

It’s no fast food I’ve ever encountered before. But it was tasty and it was fast.


Next up was a dish cooked on the wok. Flounder and shrimps. Sweet and nutty. Again the seafood stood out. The sticky peanut sauce was delicious and moreish. A fine dish indeed.


Finally we finished with another wok dish. This time it was soy based and savoury. The inclusion of black wood ear mushroom added an interesting texture and reminded me our of days in Beijing. Again a good dish.


Then we were done.

We left as unceremoniously as we entered. Leaving the politician still drinking in the corner. Chef Wong still cutting as his table. Smiling to himself.

Do I think the ceviche was one of the best dishes in the world? I’m not sure. I am sure that was clean, simple and honest. It tasted great. Chef Wong knows his fish and serves it well. The atmosphere is genuine and happy. I’d certainly come here again and encourage you all to do the same if you get a chance.

Chez Wong
Calle Enrique Leon Garcia 114, Lima, Peru
+511 470 6217



  1. smalltowngirlsmidnighttrains

    In the Philippines, we have a similar dish: kinilaw. It’s raw fish, onions, vinegar and coconut milk, and some add tomatoes, ginger, etc. Some even put grilled pork bits or pork rind. Ridiculously yummy. πŸ™‚

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