An Amazon tour review – Tapiche Reserve, Iquitos, Peru


A few weeks ago we finished our Amazon tour and our guide asked us to review him on TripAdvisor. Given that we use TripAdvisor so much, it was hugely importantly when we selected this tour and he asked us to, I thought I’d write one. I wanted to write something that was useful for others, truthful and succinct but, more importantly, I wanted to avoid hyperbolic opinion that appears so often on social review sites like TripAdvisor or Yelp. You know the stuff that goes like…

“OMG!!!! We loved this tour, it’s amazing. The food is great, the animals are too cute and awesome, the man is sooo nice and he wears lovely wellies! blah, blah, blah….”

I decided that a good way to share my thoughts was to outline what we expected or wanted from the tour and how these expectations were met. It seemed like a nice way to share the information and position my opinion. However, once I finished my review and reread it, although it contained the information I wanted to share, I think it sounds rather formal and uptight. I need to sprinkle in some more fun next time!

For those who are interested here’s my first TripAdvisor review.

“When selecting our Amazon experience we had a number of requirements we were looking for. Katoo was easily able meet these and offered much more.

1. We did not want to go to a petting zoo or have a fake “jungle” experience where animals are kept as pets to show to tourists. We wanted the real deal and we got it.

2. We wanted to be far from the city, far from other tourists and in a small group. Once out of Iquitos/Requena we saw only the staff on the reserve and local people in the villages we visited on the way or traveling on the river.

3. As much as possible we wanted our money to go directly to local people and businesses, not to a national or multinational corporation. Our conversations with Katoo confirmed that this is a local operation with the profits being used to support the reserve.

4. We didn’t want the guide or any staff to feel compelled to hunt down, pester or bait animals for us tourists. During our stay no one pursued or distressed any animals. We saw the animals at the appropriate distance and always in the wild.

5. We wanted to support conservation and help promote an alternative to the habitat destruction and hunting that often occurs in this region. Again our conversations with Katoo confirmed that this is certainly his intention and he is doing all he can to promote this way of life.

6. Finally we wanted to see some awesome animals, plants and unique scenery in an amazing and beautiful place. We got this and much more!

Highly recommended. Thank you.”

Do you write travel reviews? What format do you use?


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