Sillushani, Peru


Yesterday was our first day in Peru. We decided that instead of rushing off to see the famous reed islands in Lake Titicaca we would have a quiet day on dry land. After pottering around Puno in the morning we took an afternoon tour to visit the pre-Inca tombs at Sillushani.


Encircled by Lake Uyamo close to Puno, Sillushani was an important place for the Colla people, a pre-Incan culture living around Lake Titicaca. The quiet, atmospheric location has examples of 5 different types of chullpa or burial site. Beginning with small below ground plots similar to our modern day graves reaching up-to the 12 metre high whitewashed tower-like chullpas the site is famous for.


The larger towers were created to entomb whole families and have small doors which were used to access the interior. Sadly many of the towers were damaged by grave robbers and lightening so they must now be enjoyed in their reconstructed state. Still it remains an intriguing, mystical place that looked wonderful in the afternoon light.


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