Salar de Uynui: sunrises, salt and not so scary afterall


Like many people we had read a lot of scary things before we went on our Salar de Uyuni tour.

First of all, you might not even go because the tour operators will lie and you’ll miss the tour. If you are lucky enough to go you’ll find that
the tour drivers are all drunk. If the drivers don’t kill you*, the attitude sickness or the cold will. And if that doesn’t work the food will finish you off. If you do manage to make it through the other people will totally ruin it for you.

Sounds great, right!?

In fact, the majority of online reviews we saw were so full of genuine negativity and cause for concern we were, almost, not going to go. Thankfully some personal recommendations and a handful of wonderful insights drove us to overcome the fear and go for it.

And we are so glad we did.


This sunrise alone could have made the trip. But we had many more opportunities to be thrilled and amazed.

From the vast openness


To unique red lakes


With beautiful flamingos


Rock sculptures


And islands in the salt


So what about those scary things?


Our small group and our driver from Ian Carvell.

Thankfully none were true for us. We had a fantastic time with Cordillera Traveller and our fun group of 12 friendly people from all around the world.

Our driver was quiet but friendly and kind. He was never drunk. He even refused a beer with us at dinner. He drove slowly and thoughtfully. He was a real gent.

The accommodation was shared and basic but clean. No-one was very cold, although we did go in summer. The food was lovingly prepared by our drivers and surprisingly good given the conditions.

Only one lady in our group suffered some altitude sickness but most of us were thankfully fine. We can only think that this was due to acclimatising well in San Pedro, taking our altitude medicine and staying hydrated.

If you’re thinking of going and are concerned about reports you’ve heard please feel free to comment and ask about our experiences. We think if you ask the right questions and choose your tour well you can have an amazing time too.

*I’m not being glib. This has sadly happened more than once on this journey.



  1. Adam Seper (@aseper)

    Great post, thanks for participating and sharing with our community! Your pictures really took me back to our Salt Flats tour, a definite highlight of our time in South America. Just a stunningly beautiful place.

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