Chile: Chorrillana and Completos

Not renowned for it’s food, Chile’s main traditional dishes tend to be simple comfort food and it’s street food is invariable something fried. However, it’s honest, freshly prepared grub that I have been happy to try over and over again.

Here are some of the best…

If Tony likes it, we try to go. And he wasn’t wrong. This lomito sandwich with pork at Fuente Alemana was one of the best sandwiches ever. No really. Ever.


Who doesn’t like a churro? Then who could resist one filled with dulce de leche. Go on….


Fried pumpkin dough with spicy sauce anyone? Yes please! Have a sopaipilla.


A wiener with avocado, tomato and way too much mayonnaise. Only Chicago can bet this Italiano.


They say that Mote con huesillos is a drink, I say it’s a dessert. Either way who’s going to argue when your drinking/eating a rehydrated dehydrated peach in sweet brown juice with husked wheat. Exactly.


The Canadians have poutine. The Chileans have Chorrillana. I’m a cheese fan so I’m with the Canadians but still this was not a bad bite.


We in Britain have elevens and afternoon tea. In Chile it’s onces (elevens) in the afternoon! And the jam tarts were as good as any in Blightly.


A meat pie with a fluffy potato top and sweet herbs and spices. This Pastel de Papa was unexpectedly delish.




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