Delicious things we ate in Buenos Aires

Top left clockwise – Chorizo de bife with provoleta, empanadas de carne, fugazzeta pizza and choripan with chimichurri.

One of my favorite things about our time in Buenos Aires was an opportunity to try some delicious food. Here are my favourites amongst the tasty things we tried.


This is a sausage sandwich for kings. A hugely tasty dish. It’s very simple. Fat, sweet, crispy pork sausages grilled on the parrilla (grill) until they are fit to burst then cut and packed into fresh crusty white bread. Finally topped with a mildly spicy, herby and vinegary chimichurri sauce. Could it be better than a sausage sarnie with HP sauce? Maybe.


As soon as I read about this dish I expected it to be my favorite Argentine dish. What could be better than grilled cheese with herbs I thought? And I was not disappointed. It is very cheesy and very herby and very gooey. It is certainly something you should try should you get the chance. But sadly it’s not something I want to eat for every meal. It’s just far too rich and once the cheese becomes solid again it becomes heavy, gritty and overwhelming. I’ve even been guilty of leaving some on the side of my plate once it’s too late. A great dish but not for every day.


These little parcels of pasty and fillings are wonderfully moreish. Filled with everything from the classic carne to cheese and sweetcorn, it’s become almost a challenge to try every flavour we can. The Argentine empanadas are usually grilled or baked in a pizza oven which means that unlike their fried cousins elsewhere in South America, they’re actually not too bad to eat regularly. Great for us as they’re a good choice for those on a budget.


The Italian influence seen often in Argentine cooking is obvious here. Fuguzetta is a white pizza that has two layers of cheese and dough topped with onions. The result is a bite that is both chewy and crispy. A real treat.


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