Enjoy Buenos Aires slowly

We have just spent over 10 days in and around Buenos Aires. Nearly two weeks may seem like more than enough in one city and it’s certainly a choice we’ve been reflecting on as we plan the next leg of our journey. However, all in all I’m glad we invested the time here. I certainly feel very different about Buenos Aires today than I did on day three and I think you really need to stay for a while to get to know the real Buenos Aires.


Why stay a while?

First of all, unlike many large capital cities of the world Buenos Aires doesn’t have a hit list of must see tourist attractions. You can’t experience Buenos Aires by racing around and ticking attractions off a list (no lists! Yes it was hard for me at the beginning but I’m good now. I’m chill). Yet that doesn’t mean there aren’t things to do. Not in the least. But it does mean in order to get to know Buenos Aires you need to open your eyes and discover the city for yourself. No tour will show you it all.

The second thing is that this place is huge. We moved apartments half way through our stay and even though they are in the same barrio (neighbourhood) it was like we were in a new city with a whole new set of things to discover.

Finally, the more you put in, the more you get out of your experience. For example, we were lucky enough to be able to enjoy a morning with a porteno discussing life in England in the 60s when he lived there and how Argentina has changed in his lifetime. Had we been rushing through our days here we’d never have agreed to a beer with him. And we certainly would have missed out.

If you get a chance to enjoy Buenos Aires do it slowly and I’m sure you’ll appreciate it more.


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