My favourite New Zealand travel apps for iPhone

I think it is pretty obvious by now but in case you missed it – I like my iPhone and I think that is it is a wonderful travel gadget. On our recent trip to NZ I was very happy to have my iPhone with me as it acted as my journal (check out my Mobily), my camera (I use Camera+) and my travel guide on a daily basis (I have lots of Lonely Planet pdfs on my Kindle app). As well as my standard travel uses I was also able to get some cracking apps to help us specifically on the way around NZ.

Camping NZ


This app created by Rankers (a TripAdvisor-esque review site but with local curators) basically has every camping option in the whole country listed and displayed on a nice interactive map. It has detailed maps, reviews, directions and contact details for all the camp sites so that you can go whizzing around the country stopping pretty much whenever you want. Particularly helpful for those who are not freedom camping certified or “self contained” it also provides information on what type of vehicles are allowed where and what the costs are likely to be like in places that are not free.

It does cost about $15 to buy but it is massively superior to all the free options we tried before. One major bonus is the ability to download all the maps and content for use offline which is helpful for those of us traveling from abroad or when you’re in the wilds with no phone reception. It’s also a major pain in the ass because the downloads are big and you’ll need a generous internet connection to get them all in advance. We found that libraries were the best bet while we were on the road but if you can get this at home before you go that would be way better.

We used this every day after we downloaded it and it played a big role in helping us locate sites to stay each day. Highly recommended for anyone on the road in NZ.

100% Pure New Zealand


This app is free and produced by the New Zealand touristboard. Although full of options for expensive activities, that we largely skipped, this was a good app for planning the trip in advance. The images used were beautiful and the ability to add places, activities and trips to your own map was a very useful way to get a feel for what each area was like as well as understand the distances between places in order to map out a rough itinerary. I would recommend that anyone planning a trip NZ take a look this app to get a feel for the country and plan your trip. It also provided some on-the-road-help by tell us we could get free wifi in Auckland CBD when we were offline, which was nice.


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