5 unusual ways to use your iPhone on a plane

I have spent a lot of time on planes. I’m all too familiar with turning my phone to airplane mode and sighing as I browse the often appalling or previously seen inflight movie list. I’ve done my fair share of downloading and watching movies or TV shows I’ve brought in advance. I listen to podcasts. I play games. But this list is not about the “normal things” you can do on your iPhone during a flight. No. This list is about the things I do on the plane with my iPhone that you might not have tried and might like to.

Write a blog post


I wrote most of this post on my iPhone on a flight. It started life as a note using the standard note pad app. Then I cut and pasted it into the WordPress app for editing and adding links. I added photos and then when I landed (and got wifi) I did a final review and posted. It’s certainly not as nice as using my laptop but for writing notes, capturing ideas and penning short posts it’s very handy and portable.

Edit your images

I often take many photos on my iPhone during my trips. Many need culling, cropping and cutting. This is an ideal task to do on the plane as you move from place to place. It means that you have nice images to share and also that you can feel free to take more when you get off knowing that the ones you have are organised. I even edit my screenshots for my blog posts.



When it’s time to get some sleep I usually need a little help. Even with a mask and some blankets the buzz of the engines, the freeze of the air conditioning and the hard hard seats make sleeping on a plane a tough task. To provide some solace and solitude I download and listen to meditation podcasts such as My Meditation Station. These really help create a mental space free to relax in. They sooth and allow tensions to be released. Even if they do not encourage sleeping they certainly help ensure I’m somewhat rested when I arrive at my destination.


After a bit of rest it can be nice to stretch your legs. In seat or easy to do while standing in the aisle exercises are great to help stop any aches and pains or DVT.

Learn a language


Oftentimes I’m travelling to a new location and after landing will immediately need to understand a different language. Having a few podcasts or language apps on my phone so I can brush up on or, more likely, start to get familiar with a language really help me feel prepared for my trip.

I’ve had a good experience with the podcast Coffee Break Spanish and I am currently trying out Bravolol with its cute bird face to help me learn Spanish.

I hope these help you make the most of your next flight or ferry journey or train ride.


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