Quick tip on getting the cheapest prices on hotels


Following on from my post about getting the cheapest flight prices I wanted to mention that some of these tips apply to getting hotels at the best price possible as well. In particular one tip that is very quick and simple to try and usually results in a decent discount is using discount vouchers and promo codes. 

My usual way of putting this into practice is using sites like hotels.com or hotwire.com. I select my hotel of choice then when I get to checkout, before I pay, I do a quick Google search for something like “hotels.com coupon”, “hotels.com discount code” or “hotels.com promo code”. This usually results in one or two codes (e.g. promo1, hotel1 etc…) that I simply paste into the appropriate field before I pay and get my discount. Obviously, sometimes I can’t find a code or the code I find does not work but, I’d say that most often, within 1 minute of searching, I have found a coupon that will yield a small (typically 10%) discount. Once booked you will usually get a confirmation showing how much you saved.


It’s so nice to see I saved a little for some thing else on our big trip. 


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