The big trip todo list


We are busy planning the big trip. As well as the exciting aspects of planning – booking the flights and choosing locations, imagining meals and activities, dreaming of beaches and sunsets and waterfalls – there is all the other “stuff” we must do to be ready to go. These uninteresting and undoubtedly tedious things are lurking and need to be done soon. As I think through the days leading up to our trip, the time away and our return more and more “todos” appear and my lists grows.

Here is my current list of open questions and other things we need to get organised before we head off.

At work

  • Complete leave of absence procedures
  • Do we need to get COBRA?
  • Stop phone bill

At home

  • Can we sublet?
  • Do we need storage?
  • Do we need a safety deposit box
  • Gift, donate or sell unwanted items
  • Stop any post
  • Cancel Netflix
  • Cancel contents insurance
  • Cancel energy bill
  • Cancel savings deposit
  • Pack up the apartment

On the road

  • How will we access money?
  • Do we need vaccinations?
  • Do we need visas?
  • Do we need new passports?
  • Medical insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Do we need new backpacks?
  • Buy a money belt
  • What to take?

We need to complete many of these items over the next few weeks so if anyone has any tips on getting these done quickly and easily I’d certainly welcome your thoughts. I’ll be taking notes so I can share things I learn later on.

Am I missing anything?


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