When in Britain eat fish and chips

20130908-155237.jpgThis weekend I returned to England for 48 hours to attend my cousin’s wedding. As well as enjoy her special day I was delighted to be able to squeeze in a dinner of my favourite British meal – fish and chips.

Well renowned as a traditional British dish, fish and chips are copied the world over. Wherever British tourists go, fish and chips follow. I have eaten them in English and Irish “pubs”, experienced them from food trucks and seen them on menus in restaurants from Beijing to Portland, Melbourne to Madrid. Yet nowhere else in the world have I ever experienced fish and chips the way I experience them in the UK. I’m not sure if it’s the accompaniments (this weekend it was mushy peas, pickled onions and a pickled egg), the paper they come wrapped in or just the “chippy” they come from but the taste of fish and chips in Britain is like nothing else in the world. And that is why even if I’m on the ground for less than two days I’ll do my damnedest to get my hands on some.


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