LA Airbnb beach retreats


This weekend we enjoyed the sun in LA.

Before arriving we arranged to stay at an apartment very close to the beach in Venice via Airbnb. This would be our third Airbnb stay. It’s a pretty different experience staying in someone’s home instead of an icy cold impersonal hotel room. It certainly gives you a much better feel for what it’s like to live somewhere.

In this case, as well as experiencing Venice beach life, the place we stayed was closer to the beach than we would have been able to get otherwise and also had a parking space which was very useful. However, I find you must be in the right mood for Airbnb-ing as the insight, savings and convenience you get can come at a cost. At a minimum, you must be a little more thoughtful about your surroundings as you are, after all, living amongst someone else’s belongings.

While researching the place we stayed at I found quite a few reasonably priced apartments in the area that would be ideal for a couple to stay in if they fancied a weekend at the beach. Check out my pick of the Airbnb accommodation available in Venice beach area.


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