Road tripping inspiration

On the highway...

On the highway…

Yesterday I got one step closer to having a permanent California driving license. Prepping for the test got me thinking about how I love to drive. And I how I love a good road trip. They remind me of my childhood holidays driving from little old England to the south of France or the wilds of Scotland. We’d sing Eric Clapton, Jimmy Hendrix and Cher (!). And we’d never ever ask “are we nearly there yet?”

The next road (or maybe train) trip I’ll likely take will be back in the UK but in the meantime here are some ideas I’m gathering to inspire my future plans:


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  1. Mike A.

    We’d ask “are we there yet?” because after four hours we’d still be in the same province, still looking at the same prairies, and wishing our dad would shut the Hank Williams off. But I still enjoyed it. One of my favourite memories is of travelling from Saskatchewan back to Alberta, because at the border we got to take our seat belts off and it felt so great. Alberta didn’t have that law until 1987 so we weren’t used to wearing them.

    Anyway, congrats on the license. On your way up to Calgary, see if you can hit ‘Going to the Sun Road’ in Montana as it’s beautiful.

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