A road trip from Vegas to San Francisco: Day One – Vegas

This is our story of trip from Vegas to San Francisco. In four parts.

Day One – Vegas



Despite claiming not to be a Vegas fan I’ve been a fair few times. Probably once a year since I’ve lived in the US and once or twice before that. In recent times we’ve stayed at The Wynn and Luxor. Both of which I found to be Vegas-y but not over the top.

This time we stayed in the Bellagio and finally took advantage of the exorbitant resort fee by using the outdoor pool. This was very nice and a good use of the, often strange, Vegas day time hours. Personality wise the Bellagio was fairly generic but I appreciated the high quality of the accommodation and high level of service.

Food and booze


Food on the strip is usually overpriced and not quite as good as you’d like it to be. This time we ate noodles at Noodles in the Bellagio and steak at The Steakhouse in Circus Circus both of which were quite nice and aptly named. Breakfast in Serendipity 3 was tasty but took a while to come. We also had a drink in Gordon Ramsay’s pub in Caesar’s Palace which had a pretty good beer selection including a home favourite, Bass Ale, on tap but the service wasn’t so great.


I loved Zumanity and the Spiegeltent which we have seen on previous visits. Discovering shows in Vegas really changed the evenings for me. No longer was it just about the booze and gambling. Yes, they are still cheesy and fake but they are fun, well choreographed and cheeky. This time O was no different. It’s certainly worth a watch.



I’m pretty much out of my depth in all gambling situations. I like roulette and sometimes, like this trip, win some money. Micro-gambling a few dollars is also acceptable to me and so I often play blackjack at the machines. This time I did win a little.

Our one day in Vegas felt really packed and when we retired, after a tad more micro-gambling, just after 1am, I was ready to sleep. Yes, an early night for Vegas but the following day would be a long day as we drove out to see the desert as it was meant to be seen.


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