More best places: A cheat-sheet for a short trip to San Francisco

Food – every day

Taqueria Cancun – SF style burritos. If I could only eat in one place while I was in SF this would be it. I get the super veggie burrito. If I eat in, I get the wet one (mojado). Don’t forget the tamarindo soda.

Tartine – pastries, bread and snacks. Prepare for a long queue. The morning buns and the ham croissants are worth it.

Beretta – pizza and cocktails. Enjoy the rattlesnake.

Gott’s – my favourite burger place in town. In my favorite “mall”. If it’s warm sit in the sun with a burger, a shake and a Black Butte.

Kasa – still my favourite Indian restaurant in town. Get the thali plate and the chai.

Bar Tartine – same owners as the bread place above. Good for brunch.

Burma Superstar – another one that has a long wait. Share plates and try as much as you can.

Z & Y – authentic Szechuan food. If you are up for it the beef tendons and the fish in oil are star dishes.

Food – special, posh

Saison and Chez Panisse are Michelin award winning restaurants. Unlike many others of this type around the Bay they are unpretentious, humble and talented. And well worth the money.

Bars and Beer

Pi – local and friendly with well made pizzas. Many local and craft beers on tap and in the bottle. Ask for a recommendation.

Magnolia – the original SF craft brew pub. Busy. A place to eat and drink.

Toronado – do you like beer? So does everyone here. But they’d rather drink it than chat about it.

Bourbon and Branch – atmospheric, prohibition style bar. Don’t ask for a Mojito here. Reservations required.

Zeitgeist – dive bar. Moody bouncers. Good beer selection and a large beer garden.


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