A good beer, a good snack and a little walk: food and beer in Portland

Last Thanksgiving we went to Portland. Six months later this is what I remember and would recommend to someone visiting.


Drinks in Amnesia

For me this is Portland – a good beer, a good snack and a little walk. Totally chilled.


Pearl District has many breweries and brew houses. We went in quite a few. None were so amazing that you have to go but the ability to pub crawl and know you’d always get a good pint was nice.

Bailey’s taproom had great variety and a good tasting menu but wasn’t open in the day time and we had to go back twice just to try it out.

I really like Black Butte so I’d suggest Deschutes Brewery. We didn’t go to the Portland location but I’m sure it’s as good as the one in Bend that we have been to.


Voodoo Donuts is a must.

Devilled eggs at the Woodman’s Tavern were good. Their cocktails were good but not great in my opinion. The atmosphere is very nice. Looked like they had a good wine menu.

We had breakfast at Interurban. The food was hearty and simple but innovative. They had a good Bloody Mary with amazing pickles.

This was in the Lower Albina / N Mississippi area which was probably my favourite area. It’s got lots of nice shops, coffee, tea and is fun to walk along. There is good beer in Amnesia at the end as well.


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