Knitting: I found a new hobby

Rowan Colourscape Folk Collection -

So at Christmas my Mom took me to a hobbycraft store to buy some wool (American’s call this yarn because it is not always wool). Whilst there I found a pattern for a scarf that I really liked. It was modern and funky and the models didn’t look like 1980’s hairdressing magazine models. Yay.

So I brought it, my Mom taught me to cast on, knit, purl and cast off and I spent the rest of my holiday knitting the scarf. I was knitting and frogging and frowning and knitting and cursing and knitting and then one day in January I was finished. Yay.

So I was finished with my first scarf and starting on a new journey into a new hobby-world. The world of the knitter and the yarnie and sheep and the needles and the patterns and all the fun I had no idea was out there. Yay.

So since then I have joined Ravelry, knitted three pairs of booties, a cowl, a mini scarf, a heart and a mitten (the other one is set to start tonight!), favorited hundreds of patterns, visited Imaginknit every weekend for weeks and brought lots of needles and skeins (new knitter word) of wool. Yay.

So… here is to the new year (I know it’s March but I’ve been knitting!) my new hobby and to the knitters out there.

Knit one, purl one, slip one, curl one?


One comment

  1. Evelyn

    It’s never to late to celebrate the new year … especially if it’s because of your new-found joy/love of knitting. You are a demon!

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