Paperwhite bulbs lighten the dark nights

Paperwhites in pebbles

This weekend the hours fell back. Summer is officially over and surely that means my minute adventures in gardening are over for awhile too. Afterall I don’t have much room for carrots and kale so what else can I put my pale green fingers to on these dark evenings?

Erm… bulbs?

Yes, bulbs. And my current choice is a bright white paperwhite daffodil bulb.

Paperwhites (Narcissus papyraceus) are a perennial herb in the daffodil family. Their small white star-shaped flowers are borne in umbels on gray green stems. And they are so easy to force in winter. All you need are pebbles and water. Oh and some dark cool days.

I planted up three pots today after buying bulbs and pebbles from The Gardener in Berkeley over the weekend. Sweet fragrant flowers will be mine in less than six weeks. Nice. Bright. White. And light. In dark grey November.

What better way to lighten up the winter months than with a bulb?


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