So you’re struggling to pick a gorgeous honeymoon location?

Soper’s Hole, British Virgin Islands – Ian Carvell

Well I have a suggestion… we went to a place in the British Virgin islands (BVI) that you could only get to via a private boat. Super laid-back, very unspolit and your own beach! Great for diving too.

Here are the details…

We stayed on Cooper Island, BVI for about 5 days back in 2006. The island is just off Tortola and the whole area is laid back and quiet but very beautiful. We rented someone’s private beach house. It was a little rough around the edges but the peaceful beachside location with views out to sea plus great snorkeling outweighed any negatives. It was truly something I had not experienced anywhere else. After we stayed on Cooper we went back to Tortola for a few days diving. The place we stayed there was nice but our few days on Cooper were the highlight.

I’m not sure if the particular holiday we had would be luxurious and pampering enough for a honeymoon but it depends what you are after. I know for sure that the British Virgin Islands (and I hear, the US Virgin Islands) are somewhere I want to go back to for their great beaches, sea, tranquility and beauty. So if that’s what you are after then take a look.

Anyway, I’m sure whatever you pick will be wonderful, it will be your honeymoon after all!


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