Easy peasy cheesy

One weekend in March I made cheese. Two types of cheese actually. I used this recipe from Serious Eats. First I made goat’s milk ricotta. Then I made cow’s milk paneer. Both were cooked in the microwave. Both were mixed with lemon juice. Both yielded little curds. Both tasted lemony. Both were averagely tasty. Both need to be made again to see if I can improve them. Here’s why and what I plan to do.

Goat’s milk ricotta – debrief

Set-up and issues – The milk was ultrapasteurised. Likely the problem behind the mini curds. Tasted way too lemony.

Usage – on bread with salt. Too bland.

Plans for next time – not ultra pasteurized. Make on the stove top. Use vinegar not lemon juice. Wash the curds.

Cow’s milk paneer – debrief

Set-up and issues – low curd yield. Paneer too thin.

Usage – in curry with peas aka Mutter Paneer. Great. Cheesy peasy!

Plans for next time – stove top. Wash curds. Use a mould to press out.

Even though the results were not super great it does feel pretty good eating cheese you made yourself. Especially if you’re a cheese freak like me.


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