Joining a blog community

As I said yesterday, I’d like to start to really blog. Really blog means write because I think someone else might be reading. Until now I have mainly used this blog as a journal to remind myself or close friends and family what I am up to. I may have written posts like I expected someone else to read them but I didn’t really expect that. Well now I’d like to try so I’ve been reading other blog posts about blogging such as this post which is just one of a kazillion posts from Penelope Trunk about blogging or this uber long list from Seth Godin.

Although I’m not sure that they say it explicitly, I decided the first thing I would do is join a blog community. In this case I chose expat blog. I made this choice because, as an expat, I hope that my content will be useful to the readers in that community. I also chose it because, as an expat, I love reading about other people’s expat and travel experiences. The final thing that made me ask to join is that when I reviewed the blogs there they were all high caliber and in particular, one blog that I very much enjoyed reading when I was in Beijing, called “Beijing Notebook” was listed. Seeing a blog I liked listed there made me think that was a fit for me. So I submitted my entry and now I’m listed there. Thanks expat blog for giving me a chance.

If you’re reading this because you came via the expat blog community – welcome. Take a look at my travel and expat posts and let me know what you think.

More on my posting plans soon…


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