Quick tips for expat living – Tip 1: Buy cups

This is the first post I hope to make in an ongoing series about living and working in other countries. For now I will be calling this series “Quick tips for expat living” as I hope to make the posts concise and easy to read. The aim is to share tit-bits of information I’ve picked up while living abroad that make life as an expat easier. Hopefully these tips will be useful for other people who are moving to, or living in, countries where they are not a citizen. Quite simply, I’d like to help people, who like me, have said something like “Can I have milk for my tea?” only to be met by blank stares.


Tip 1: Buy cups – a tip for cooking in the US

The first time we lived in the US, and for the first months of this trip we didn’t buy a set of cups. I didn’t buy them because they weren’t familiar to me and I had never used them before. I thought I didn’t need them and could get by without. This was a mistake as every recipe by an American cook we tried called for them. Obviously now we’ve brought some we’ve realized that they are sooo useful, even if just for measuring rice. Clearly not recommended when precision is needed, such as in baking, but still better than converting everything … or guessing as we did.

We brought these cute Russian doll cups by Fred from Zinc Details and have been happily measuring with them since. I recommend you get some too.


Zinc Details @ 1905 Fillmore St. & 2410 California St. San Francisco, CA 94115


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