San Francisco: the hunt

So we finally arrived in San Francisco at the start of May and since then life has been very different from Beijing. In fact, life has mainly been about our hunting.

First, we spent a few weeks flat hunting. This involved much hunting in our new environs as well as snooping around the SF neighbourhoods, being confused by the difference between the Muni and the Bart, patrolling Craigslist every hour, every day for weeks on end and rummaging about people’s places at the myriad of open houses we attended.

After we overcame our lack of identity and credit in the US and convinced someone to let us live in their apartment we have moved onto some much nicer citywide searches. First came the ‘posh clothes’ search for Liz’s wedding. This involved much searching in department stores, boutiques and high street stores for a wedding outfit each. Both Ian and I have achieved something but we’re still in need of tailoring and accessories to polish our looks off. More hunting to come.

The next search we have started is clearly an endless hunt. We have been finding out where is good, great and super for lunch, brunch, drinks, late night snacks and everything food related in-between. The sheer variety and quality of restaurants, food stores, bars and snack joints in the city is overwhelming. We brought the Michelin guide the day we arrived and that has been helping us pinpoint great places to eat but with our friends and colleagues recommendations plus the pointers from the blogs I read, the list of must go’s, must buys and must eats is ever expanding. Some highlights we have managed to squeeze in so far have been Epic Roasthouse overlooking the Bay bridge for Ian’s birthday, our first In-N-Out Burger, The Alembic cocktails and sharing plates, local beer at San Francisco Brewing Company, sweet sweet ice cream from Swensen’s, a long but worthwhile wait at L’Osteria Del Forno and unbelievably great tasting oysters, sardines and tilapia tacos at Fish in Sausalito. All this in just a few short weeks. To top it off we’re on our way to the American Food and Music festival in Mountain View today to sample America’s great food in one place. I expect this mini hunt be as fruitful as I expect the ongoing SF food foray to be.

Upcoming hunts will include the day long furniture shopping marathon. We have a flat but no furniture and one day to get it. Hunt on.


Alembic @

Epic Roasthouse @

Fish @

In-N-Out Burger @

L’Osteria Del Forno @

San Francisco Brewing Company @

Swensen’s @


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