My way?

I often think about ways to make this blog really feel like it is really documenting something about me and about my life. Something that is cohesive. Something that can be looked back on with fond memories and with warmth. It doesn’t have to be that interesting to other people but I would like it to be fun to do for myself.

I always revert back to travel as the “thing” that this blog is about. It’s about the things that I do in the places that I do them. Sometimes it’s about the food I eat or where I eat or who I eat with. Sometimes it’s about the work I or my friends or my family. I still want it to be about those things but I also want it to start to flow. To have a theme. To make sense post after post. Lots of blogs do this well. Lots of bloggers have found their way to tell their story. The nicest “way” I have heard of recently was blogged about over at Serious Foods where someone told the story of their aunt’s wine label book. What a nice idea. I’m hoping my bright idea will come soon.


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