Eat Pho. Now. Please. Thanks.

I think I’ve blogged about Pho before. If I haven’t then I’m ticked off because I should have. Pho is the my favourite “quick, I need dinner!” take away food place in London. And we are not talking pizza on a Friday after the pub take away or even quick nosh in one of the crop of Vietnamese “kitchens” opening up in all the old men pubs. Oh no. We are talking tasty, fresh, quality food that can be taken away. And they are well priced (cheap even). And they were 5 minutes away from our flat in Clerkenwell. And the staff are polite. And they understand take away (take out?) like only Americans do. (Yes, I will take two boxes and mix it at home. Yes, I think that is better than the curry slung on top of my chips!)

So why am I telling you about them now? Because I want some. Oh… no, that wasn’t why. But I do. Because I just found out they have a branch in the new Westfield Mall. So when you have finished tripping the light fantastic down the aisles stop at Pho for some great food. Please. For me. Because I can’t. And I want to.

Pho @ St John’s Street and now the Westfield Mall, London.


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