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I never thought I’d blog but then I did. I never thought I’d want an iPod but now I have one. I always wanted one tiny tidy machine to do everything for me so after buying this iPod Touch recently it didn’t take me long to start searching for a blogging app on the app store.

Last week I tried Lifecast from Sleepydog (cute name) but for reasons unknown it would never login to my dormant WordPress blog so I continued the search for a better iPod Touch blogger app. And I may have found it.

Yes, it is hard to type a full post using just one finger, although to be honest my typing is so bad it’s not that noticeable when you read this. And yes, the posts from ShoZu will bear their logo at the bottom but as far as making this little device do cool stuff, I like it. Plus with the added benefit of avoiding proxy servers, which I need to blog in China via the web, this little ShuZo app might just be sticking around. Sadly for the Sleepydog the Lifecast one has already gone.

Lifecast @ Sleepydog –
ShoZu –

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