Shopping in Beijing

Ian and I have to attend a friend’s wedding back in Europe (Malta via the UK) in a couple of weeks and as I have seen many Chinese women wearing fashionable and unusual (to UK) clothes I really want to get something that isn’t the same old thing that is in every shop at home. However, this is proving to be harder than I thought. I think because we are used to ‘high streets’ where everything is laid out for us. Here there is no ‘down town’ or centre of town. Town is everywhere and it seems that the shops are too.

Last weekend we used our Beijing Insider’s Guide to try to find some shopping malls but because the maps in that book are appalling (content is good, likely more on this later) we ended not really finding any shopping ‘centres’ but we did get a good look at some more of Beijing.

Anyway, onto the reason for this post. Today I found Shopping in Beijing which seems to be very useful with reviews and full addresses (although no good maps again). I’ll try to find some places this weekend and hopefully I can find what I am looking for.


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