It’s written down it must be the truth….

Following on from my rant about the van hire place I have been thinking more and more about the written word and whether it is the truth. And this certainly applies to this blog as I have often asked why I write this and who reads it. Even at work, especially at work, I see this “writing it down makes it so” attitude and that writing it down generally means people don’t read it.

They ain’t gonna read it (TAGRI) is a concept coined in Agile development and I see it time after time. I bet I demonstrate it time after time. I try to encourage awareness of it time after time but still it remains. Why do people feel comfort in words? Written words are knowledge? Agile has some great fundamentals. It also has some great practices. But sometimes the names we give our practices contradict our values and makes teaching the values harder. Take story writing. Writing. Not drafting or sketching. Not story thinking. Story writing is something agile teams say to each day every day. Today I want to write some stories about blah with blah so we start blah. They don’t say I will be valuing Individuals and interactions over processes and tools and Working software over comprehensive documentation. They don’t say I will be capturing some conversation placeholders. I will be gathering some requirement headlines. We say writing and then we write…

Originally posted 7/11/2007 at 6:49 PM GMT on Xanga

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