Service with a smile sir

Another rant I am afraid so look away if you don’t want to read anymore moaning…

Last week I booked a transit van to collect our belongings from my parents careful watch in Birmingham. This how the experience went.

Thursday: Saw a quote online. Called to confirm. Same price as site. Booked.

Friday: Arrived at the rental location. Customer and staff member in argument. How pleasant. Staff member sniffing and shouting. Rude to everyone. Sir or madam after every rude thing. Must make it ok. Our turn. This price looks alot. No explanation. Erm …this is what is written down so it must be what was quoted. Well this is what I wrote down. Oh… confused. Cut you  a deal. Half way house. Had to take it. No choice. Paid. Lets get it and go. Ha ha ha … Incompetency overload. Vehicle arrived. It was a car. No. Taken in car to get van. No van with the registration plate on rental form. Back to the shop. Shouting between staff. Back in a car. No keys to vans. No phone to call shop. Can I use your phone? Keys arrive. Van arrives. Much bigger than booked. Massive dent in the side. Phew. Sorry about the wait. No answer. I’ll give you a discount on Monday. Finally leave. 1 hour and 30 mins later.

Monday. Rude. Wait. Ask about discount. Done. Oh good. Check it. Same price as was originally quoted. Aha. I understand.

Long story short … I will never rent with Capital Hire in Kings Cross again.

Originally posted 7/4/2007 at 11:18 AM GMT on Xanga

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