Fuming? Furnace and London food prices

Since getting back from the US I have been shocked (as expected but still aggrieved) by London prices. In particular the price of good food. There are a lot of good places to eat in London but there are not that many good cheap restaurants especially in Central London.

In a hope to track such places down Ian and I brought a copy of Timeout Cheap Eats. And it is quite useful. However, three pages in the index for Pizza Express is testament to how little choice there is for well priced food in London. And Pizza Express is an expensive restaurant compared to some of the restaurants I visited in the US.

However, last night Ian and I visited Furnace, very close to our new flat in London (more on that at a later date… rant rant!). And it was great. Well priced, decent, tasty pizza. Choice was good for veggies and meaties alike and the atmosphere amiable. The only downside was the overpriced mini bottle of lemonade Ian got presented with and the, what seems to be ubiquitous now, 12.5% service charge included.

Here’s to looking for more day to day good eateries out there… yum yum!

Originally posted 6/22/2007 at 11:25 AM on Xanga

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