India highlights and advice

A friend of mine is off to India (Dehli and Goa already planned) and asked me for travel tips. Here is what I said…

“I stayed in Bangalore which is a massive, sprawling modern city kinda similar to Delhi but probably not on a top tourist list. If you do go there the city markets are great and so is the Bull Temple. There are also some good bars and restaurants.

My top picks outside Bangalore would be:

Gokarn (aka Gokarna) Karnataka, west coast of India – nice beach and laid back people, a lot less touristy than Goa. We stayed in an old cattle shed, just walked up and asked the guy if we could stay there.

Uttaranchal, north India – we went camping, rafting and hiking in the foothills of the Himalayas. Very cool but quite a bit of bumpy roads driving to get to the pristine hills. Worth it for some quiet time and great scenery.

I loved the lost city Fatehpur Sikri at Agra and Jaipur which I guess will be on your Delhi/Triangle trip.

Great veggie food – Gobi manchurian is great spicy battered cauliflower; palak paneer (cheese and spinach) is good too. For the old stomach upsets I recommend Pudin Hara. It is a minty herbal medicine that you can get in a liquid or a gel capsule.”

Originally posted 4/2/2007 at 11:33 PM GMT on Xanga


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