Weekends in Madison – films and food

When we stay in Madison we often spend our weekends searching for good movies (and movie theatres… that’s cinemas) and good restaurants. Last night we found the first when we went to see Letters from Iwo Jima. Not generally enjoying war movies and not having seen the accompanying film, Flags of Our Fathers, I was concerned that I would not enjoy this film. I was wrong it was very hopeful and eye opening, kind of makes me want to learn more about WWII outside of my schooltime British history. Well done Clint.

This evening we went back to Otto’s that we missed a fortnight ago. Again another mediocre meal in Madison. The seemingly promising Mediterranean menu was actually quite unlike a lot of Mediterranean food I have had in the Mediterranean. My seabass was good but the sauce was too rich and the potatoes way too creamy. My soup was nice but again nothing I have really seen in sunny Europe. Definately one of Madison’s more  upmarket (read expensive) options but well, that’s not saying much.

Originally posted 1/21/2007 at 1:35 AM on Xanga

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