Food woes

So the restaurant that we tried to go to on Friday was full and couldn’t serve us right away. As we wanted to go to the cinema afterwards we couldn’t wait but it looked good and we plan to go back. We ended up driving around for ages looking for somewhere else as every where were went into was busy. I thought it was “no money” January but everyone was out. Anyway, we found a Wisconsin stylee “fish and chips” shop which was pretty good and ate them in the car outside the cinema.

Yesterday we wanted to try a sushi place that we had been recommended in Chicago (Starfish). We got a table straight away and there were real life Japanese people eating there so things looked good. Not so. First our table was freezing and the music too loud to hear the waiter. Then Ian got the wrong drink. Our starters didn’t arrive until an hour later. And when our main sushi did arrive we only got half until we asked for the other half. It was good but given the whole drawn out experience we won’t be returning. Shame.

Then today we decided we would like to go out for dinner. And again the trouble with Madison is that there are so many restaurants and it is so hard to tell how good they will be. Many aren’t open on a Sunday (today) and so that is a blocker. Many don’t have reviews online or websites. The names can be misleading and not necessarily an example of what you may find there. For example: Bennett’s Meadows Country Club (country clubs are posh aren’t they!) offers smut-n-eggs, apparently eggs and adult movies at 6 am in the morning. We are not going.

Anyway, I have just secured a reservation for tonight. A chinese place we have been meaning to go to for awhile. Let’s again hope it is good.

Here is a few places, not open today, or too far for a quick dinner that I don’t want to forget to go to: Sardine, Otto’s, Louisana’s etc…, Bunky’s Cafe, Harvest, Blue Marlin, The Willy Street…. phew there goes the diet again!

Originally posted 1/7/2007 at 4:39 PM on Xanga


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