Madison meals

While we do have a stove and a microwave in our studio room at the Residence Inn we have taken to using our expenses and per diem to dine out. Madison thankfully has more than enough restaurants to go round. In fact there are so many restaurants in Madison and the surrounding areas that we are having a hard time tracking down the really good ones. We have used Madison Dining, the 10 best site and well as the Moon Wisconsin guide book we have but the reviews and opinions of restaurants seem to vary greatly which actually is in line with my own experiences.

We have had good meals at a few places only to be disappointed on a return visit (e.g. Bandung). We have had a few meals at Quivey’s Grove which is fresh, mature and traditional food but it is a little too bland sometimes and the servers are a little weird. I have enjoyed the sushi at Ginza of Tokoyo but I was less of a fan of the hibachi was had last time we visited.

We did visit Etoile as previously mentioned for my birthday dinner which was excellent but again the servers are a little too much for a midwestern restaurant. We will be returning there this evening. I hope the repeat is good.

I have also been searching for a good whole food vegetarian restaurant and they are sadly lacking in what should be a veggie friendly town. I am hoping to try a place for lunch this week but don’t hold alot of hope for finding an exceptional meal here.

Originally posted 11/4/2006 at 6:23 PM GMT on Xanga


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