Diving – Part Two


– The view from our room on the morning I completed by Open Water. Balmy? No barmy.

Yesterday I completed my Open Water Scuba qualification. The first time I tried, at the end of September, I had a cold and so clearing my mask by exhaling through my nose was pretty hard. I then sucked in water, choked and freaked. The lack of visibility and waves also put me off so by the second day I wasn’t having any of it and left Ian to complete alone. Well done Ian.

This time however, the class was just myself and one other student and we were much better looked after by Wes, our instructor. Despite the snow, waves and near zero air temperature the water wasn’t too cold (with the cozy wet suit liner that Wes and Tilly lent me) and with Wes’ patient caring enthusiasm I was able to get over my fear and complete all the remaining skills. I now look forward to trying scuba in more favourable conditions like the British Virgin Islands where Ian and I have a holiday planned.

Originally posted 10/24/2006 at 12:50 AM GMT on Xanga


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