Maine, my birthday and eating more things on the list…



For the weekend of my birthday Ian and I headed to Boston to drive up the coast of Maine (routes 80 and 81 in our book). Not small feat when you have little over 60 hours, a Chevy Areo and over 800 miles to cover.

As well as the dramtic coastline, brilliantly coloured trees and great curvy drives New England also has some great food treats of which Ian and I could only do but endulge in. On Friday we ate one of the most imaginative seafood dinners I have ever had at Walter’s on the cobbled sloping streets of Portland. On Saturday I tasted my first New England Chowder outside Prince and Son’s boathouse at Bailey Island. Later that day the freshest, most mouth watering, “I can taste their sweet sliminess now” oysters were eaten at Port Clyde.

And on Sunday we had yummy sweet buttery lobster a la polysterene trays at Young’s Lobster Shore Pound in Belfast after an excellent breakfast and night’s rest at exceptional The Wealthy Poor House of Malcolm and Carol Gater.

For my birthday my parents sent me a gift voucher for Etoile, a local restaurant well renouned for using local and natural produce in its menus. We have yet to go but I wait in anticipation for this culinary gem of the midwest.

Originally posted 10/16/2006 at 11:50 PM GMT on Xanga


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