Door County


This weekend we decided on a whim to head up to Door County in northern Wisconsin. We would (roughly) follow the 59th route in our scenic drives book.

Friday – We started out on Friday after work and made it to Sturgeon Bay by late Friday evening. We didn’t know what accommodation would be available but after finding the downtown area we saw the Stone Harbor. And took a room with a whirlpool! Although we expected a lot from the associated restaurant we were disappointed by the rather fake looking cheese curds and the quantity vs. quality Friday fish fry.

Saturday – We ate brunch in Perry’s Cherry diner where we enjoyed real life ’50’s style milkshakes; mine in the ubiquitous strawberry and Ian’s in the Door County favourite, cherry. We then headed up the peninsula towards Washington Island where we would spend Saturday night. Before we took the 40 minute ferry ride to the island we visited Whitefish Dunes State Park and followed the red trail to Old Baldy the largest sand dune in the park. We also stopped by an orchard market shop where we ate (yeah more eating!) cherry pie – yum yum! When evening hit we found ourselves at Northport and did the only natural thing for us, took the last ferry to the 32 square mile island and hoped we would find somewhere to stay! We did and we spent a rather drafty but homely evening eating and drinking at The Washington Hotel. Unfortunately the delicious 6 course meal with wine accomplishment (excellent third course of smoked smoke and the great spiced lamb pie with autumn vegetables) was slightly soured by the mean cheese portions and the charge for the coffee and tea. After spending more than $300 on dinner and bed, we thought this was rather money grabbing and unnecessary. Also sad was that The Thistle (our pretty room) was quite noisy and, despite the cosy looking bed, a little cold.

Sunday – After a slightly sleep deprived night we tried to make the most of our time on the island and, even if I did sleep through a lot of the stops, the peddle beach was definitely a top spot for me. Back on the mainland we took a lazy drive back through Gills Rock, Ephraim and Sister Bay to Peninsula State Park where the fall colours were shining as strong as the Lake Michigan waters were.

We had a great weekend and as always I wish we had had longer to explore.

Originally posted 10/16/2006 at 11:11 PM GMT on Xanga

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