Great things to do in London

A guy from work is off on his first trip to London and asked me what to do while he is there. He only has a couple of nights and one week day. Here is what I said: Cool things to do in London…

  • Tate Modern, St Paul’s, Millennium bridge – all excellent and easy to get to, good view of river and whole of London, all in same area so do all at once
  • Covent Garden – Waldorf Hilton is good for afternoon tea (altho. expensive!), check out the guy who plays the guitar like a keyboard and the man who plays the traffic cone!
  • Borough market – nice food, open Thurs thro. Sat I think
  • Spittalfields – funny inner city farm is cool and the art/fashion is great here esp. at weekends
  • Richmond – Kew Gardens are beautiful and there is a good German beer garden on the river
  • Soho/China town – good coffee shops and people watching, good Chinese esp. dim sum at New World China
  • Globe Theatre (Southbank) – good to see even if you can’t get to see a play
  • British Museum – see all the stuff us Brits stole, Museum Tavern is good olde worlde pub across the street too
  • If you are around Oxford Circus – listen out for the “sinner or a winner man” he is a top attraction in my book!
  • Scottish Malt Whiskey Society for a wee dram – it’s members only but you can be someone’s guest
  • Saravana Bhavan in East Ham – good South Indian food but out of Central London
  • Pho in Clerkenwell- excellent Vietnamese food, well priced and try the Dovetail close by for good beers afterwards

I wouldn’t bother…

  • Queuing for the London Eye unless it’s really good weather or you can go at sunset
  • Going to Leicester Square – avoid the tacky bars, touts and crap food
  • Shopping on Oxford Street, Piccadilly Square – mainly high street fashion, tacky souvenirs and it’s too crowded

Originally posted 9/22/2006 at 3:37 PM on Xanga


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