Diving – Part One

This weekend was the start of our PADI Open Water class. Saturday morning we spent time in the class room learning some of the theory behind the sport and the afternoon was a our first go with the gear in the pool. It was very exciting and not as scary as I thought. We apparently tackled the hardest part doing the 200 metres! Phew…. Sunday we got a better chance to really see how we were doing and there are some tricky things to master. Like ensuring you are neutrally buoyant and making a controlled emergency ascent (ascending when air is out and no buddy close). Of all the things I found these the hardest but I think that time and practise next week when we do the open water dives will really change this.

I am very excited about all the different environments you can dive in, like ice diving and ship wreck diving. Even in winter with the right suits diving is still accessible. In fact I already brought a thick wetsuit for spring/autumn temperature diving because they were being sold at a good price. I am looking forward to next week and beyond, to getting out there and truly getting some more experience.

Originally posted 9/18/2006 at 11:16 PM on Xanga

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