Food and tracking my “wants”

I have a lot of  “wants” at the moment. They are definitely are wants and not needs but I allow myself to indulge them. I also have a great desire not to lose the wants so I want to use part of the blog to document the wants.

A lot of the wants are about restaurants, food and eating so that is where I will start. I am just gonna throw down the wants at the moment so that I don’t forget them. Later on I will meet my taxonomy want which is to organise the other wants.

Food wants…

Sea urchin sushi
Fondue in Chicago
Clam Chowder in Maine
Oysters in Maine
Good whole food restaurant in Madison

Oooo and to add to this St. John the restaurant very close to our place in London was 10th on one of the best restaurant in the world lists. That’s cool. And we ate there the day we left London. I had pig skin.

The Circle

And we ate at The Wiener Circle when we were last in Chicago.

Originally posted 9/13/2006 at 6:20 PM on Xanga

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