Chicago, Chilis and beyond

The last few weeks have been pretty hectic with two trips to Chicago and one to Tulsa. (Plus some work.)

The first weekend we headed to Chicago for Lollapalooza – a three day music festival in Grant Park. Tops for this were The Flaming Lips, Hot Chip, Editors, Lyrics Born and Chilis. We had a good time and amongst other things had some giant onion rings (see the photos), Ian had a inappropriate footwear incident again and I experienced my first festival where rain wasn’t pouring down.

took some good photos again and as he is now the designated photographer for our trips, given that he has a better camera than me and is more dedicated to getting a good shot, I will likely to be pointing towards his site for the visual commentary of our outings from now on. However, that is not to say that my more modest efforts will not be uploaded for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

Our second trip saw us mixing in with the locals in Wicker Park for Jon and Cam’s birthday party. We had some good sushi but sadly were denied the sea urchin. Drinks bizarre -ities included Newcastle Brown Ale on tap and a white Russian being made with a mini carton of UHT milk – yum! That weekend we also spent a fair amount of time endouring the mass commercialisation of Sear’s Tower (once the tallest building in the world), eating pizza pizza pie at the “world famous” Giordano’s East restaurant where excess is the norm (the queues are long, the wait is long, the waiter was tall and the pizza was big and deep and filling) and sitting on the beach in the city.

And then this weekend we decided at the last minute to visit Ian’s parents in Tulsa again. Some more shooting and dog walking and a generally relaxing time was had (a least by me, I hope by all!)

Posted 8/21/2006 at 1:10 AM GMT on Xanga

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