So we begin again

As I said in my previous entry I intend to start up the old blogging again. I have been somewhat out of action the last year but feel ready to commit some time to this again. And as I am hoping to be off to the States for a while I still think this is best way to keep in touch with others around the world.

So to start head off I want give a little update on what has been happening.

India finished for me in May 2005 after heading to Uttaranchal to do some rafting and hiking! Which was fantastic fun and awe inspiring. There is an inappropriate footwear story there but its too long to tell at the moment, some other time.

When I returned to the UK I started on my first project for ThoughtWorks which I really enjoyed and was a nice place to start.

I took a holiday in September to see my friend Joe get married in Calgary and had my first (if brief) tour of the Canadian Rockies. Breath taking. It was a fantastic holiday, a relaxing break and a great place. I hope to get back there soon.

In February this year I headed off to Poole with my second project and learnt a lot about the world of banking IT! A few months there making good friends and learning a great deal brings us pretty much up to June 2006. Whereby I finished in Poole and headed on holiday – to New York, Tulsa, Rockies and Arkansas.

Originally posted 7/7/2006 at 9:47 AM GMT on Xanga

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