Thursday March 24, 2005

Real life begins.

Last Friday we had our bootcamp graduation. We wore cool graduation hats made by the lovely TWIers out of TW’s project binders! We were even presented with certificates to prove out successful completion of the bootcamp by Matt Simons, TWI MD. Excellent.

– Me and Desi and bootcamp graduation… check out the outfit!

– Desi, Jen, Michelle (my new flatmate) and Sara at graduation.

The bootcamp graduation indicated the end of pseudo-student life and on the real world. We have finished the bootcamp for real now and have begun work on project.

As I said before I was initially placed on an internal project, Beachball and began work on that at the end of last week but on Thursday Saumya, Warren and I were informed that we were being taken off Beachball and being placed on another internal project. This other project was very small in comparison to Beachball and in the initial inception stages. As it turns out this project has had little consideration thus far and did not provide Saumya and I with an opportunity for any story writing or in depth analysis. However, even though the work on this project has been limited we have had a chance to use some of the business value analysis techniques that we learnt in the BA case study.

But again all change, as of today we have been informed that we will be moving to another project…! We are not sure which one, it could be Beachball again but that’s not confirmed. So watch this space for my next project!

Last weekend we headed off on two day trips. First to Mysore and then to Hogenakkal waterfall in Tamil Nadu.

In Mysore we first went to the Maharaja’s Palace and then onto the Chamundeeswari Temple. Here we saw the Nandi idol. It is 15 feet high and 24 feet long. It is one of the top five Nandi’s in India. Other Nandi’s in the top five are the two at Halebid (that we saw last week) and the one in Bangalore (which I also saw!).

Outside the temple there were lots of monkeys and so I took the opportunity to my picture taken with them.

– Me and big Nandi….

– Monkey and me… I wasn’t scared at all!

On Sunday we all got back on a bus and went to some waterfalls in Tamil Nadu. We had been warned that we might get a bit wet riding in the boats and to bring extra clothing. Ha! A bit wet we went through the waterfall. We may as well have jump in. In fact Shane did!

– Riding in the basket boats towards the waterfall.

I had expected the river to be tranquil but it was like a motorway there were loads of people there… check it out.

– Snack anyone? The wonders never cease.

– Our new friends!

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