Thursday March 17, 2005

Friday 11th March 2005

So I’m still here in India. As you may recall from my previous blogs, the when and wherefore of whether I would remain in India after the bootcamp were up in the air but as of today it has been confirmed that I will be remaining in India for the foreseeable future to work on an internal project. There is still a possibility that I may be sent back to the UK if billable work becomes available there but word on the street is I’m staying. This is good news. One because I am still very happy living here. Two because it gives me chance to work at the TWI office for awhile which will be a great experience. Three because it means that James will be able to come and visit India and finally because the UK is still too cold!

This week I have been doing the BA track and the learning has been based around a case study. We have been working on a “pretend” initial engagement with a client. Luke Barrett and Kraig Parkinson have been acting as our clients. Our task was to understand the initial analysis processes that take place on a client site. We began the week by working closely with the clients on what their business needs were and how we (as TW) could provide them with business value. By the end of Monday we had created a business value model for whether a software solution would provide business value to the clients. We presented this along with a process model of their business as it stood and then proceeded to write stories based on the business process. We ran through the estimation and planning games but as we did not have developer resources available in this case study we were running a lo-fi prototype iteration cycle. So we produced lo-fi models of the stories over an iteration cycle of a day. The actual use of the lo-fi prototypes in explaining how the Agile process works and how this can benefit the client was quite apparent in this case study and lots of the theory we had learnt in the bootcamp core curricula was consolidated and made much more sense.

Man, it rained tonight! We don’t get rain in the UK like the rain here in the UK. Even in Scotland where it is renowned for raining we don’t get rain like this. This is Florida rain. Fast and furious and very very wet. We live less than 200 metres from work and today I was so wet when I got in I had to change. Desi, my flatmate, on the other hand is much clever than I am and she used the car park underground to make her way back here. Needless to say she was dry when she returned and I wasn’t.

So tomorrow we are heading off to Sravanabelagola (yeah that’s how it’s spelt) to see the massive naked man monolith that is there. It should be good. I’m looking forward to getting away from Bangalore and seeing more of India. I’ll let you know what its like.

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