My Zero Waste month

Oh hello, you’re here. Guess what? I pledged to do a month zero waste. 

I have some experience trying to be zero waste as I have been working my way up to it for a while. I’d say that this year I have been lower waste. Lower waste meaning I have a water bottle, use cloth bags for veggies, we compost, we buy shampoo/conditioner/body wash in bulk, we buy some dry goods like rice, pasta, black beans in bulk and I make my toothpaste. 

Primarily I did the pledge because I wanted to take stock of where I am and see what other options there are for me to reduce more. 

My rules for zero waste month

1. Recycling is waste 

2. Purchased by me before the month starts is still waste 

3. Purchase by someone else before month start is not waste

4. Used solely by Ian is not my waste 

5. Food wasted is not ok (e.g. I’d rather eat something in packaging than let the food waste) 

My hopes for zero waste month 

  • One whole day of zero waste
  • Take reusable containers on holiday to reduce waste while traveling 
  • I have all I need. No non food purchase packaging
  • Get new ideas and alternatives for waste
  • Reduce junk mail
  • Refuse unnessecary packaging 
  • No packaged snacks
  • No plastic yoghurt pots 
  • No disposable coffee cups
  • No disposable plastic bottles
  • No plastic personal items such as toothpaste, shampoo, moisturiser etc…
  • No plastic bags or Ziplocks etc…
  • No plastic cleaning product packages 
  • No plastic packaging on toilet paper 
  • No plastic cutlery
  • No plastic straws 
  • No plastic milk bottles 

I’ll update what I learn and what I waste over the next few weeks. 


This weekend I made cheese. I used my liquid rennet, butter muslin and cheese mould that Dawn and Matt gave me as a gift. 

First I made rennet cheese.

Heating milk

Heating milk

Curdling curds

Curdling curds

Setting curds

Setting curds

I followed this lady’s instructions but left my curds for 30 minutes to become a bit squeaky. 

From the curds we made 4 dishes. 

Curds and fruit. Ok. 

Fresh curds with an aprium

Fresh curds with an aprium

Poutine! Oh yes. 

Curds with gravy and fries. Super yum

Curds with gravy and fries. Super yum

Cheese curd tacos. Good.

Curds with kolhrabi slaw and corn torilla

Curds with kolhrabi slaw and corn torilla

Chilli curds. Great. Eaten so fast I forgot to photo😦

Then from the whey I made whey ricotta. 

The whey yielded enough fine ricotta for a savoury starter and sweet dessert dish.

Salted ricotta and crackers

Salted ricotta and crackers

Fresh fruit, ricotta and honey

Fresh fruit, ricotta and honey


At the start of the year I made some goals for the year. I won’t bore you with the whole list. But one item read…

Hike Whitney or something else big

suzie on whitney

Here I am on July 4th 2015.

Some things can happen. So what else is big that we should be hiking?

Back to Bangalore

My first trip to Bangalore in February 2005 was, practically speaking, the reason I started blogging. Somewhere about there the blog, as it became, was a few years away but my first travel blog post was written about that first trip to India. 

Now I’m on my way back. Ten years, many miles, many places & many moments on. 

Here’s my favorite moment from that first blog post.

Saturday I had my first true taste of Indian food when I had masala dosa (a bready pancake with a spicy filling) at breakfast. Even better than the food was our first rickshaw ride to MG road.  Anyone familiar with bumper cars will already know something of the feeling you get riding a rickshaw. These guys don’t mess about, if there is a gap in the traffic they lurch for it regardless of whether it is even on the right side of the road. Buses hassle cars, cars harass rickshaws and rickshaws bully bikes. The result is a jerky, noisy adrenaline filled ride. Fantastic!

Where to next?

I love maps. I love counting the places I’ve been on them. I love looking at the gaps and imaging the trips to those far (and not so far) off places. I love thinking about “where next?”


Suzie’s Travel Map

This interactive map from Wanderlust was pretty easy to complete and is pretty easy on the eyes.

So where to next?

Not your usual London top ten list

A friend is off to London and I wanted to send him some recommendations. Having not lived there for a while and knowing that there are hundreds of “best” and “top ten” lists I purposely choose to share simple things, things that I want to do when I go to London.

An activityThe Castle
I used to love going indoor wall climbing at The Castle. It’s an old pumping station and pretty neat to explore.

By Jeremy Keith from Brighton & Hove, United Kingdom (Stichelton  Uploaded by Diádoco) CC-BY-2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Borough Market by Jeremy Keith (Stichelton uploaded by Diádoco) CC-BY-2.0 ( via Wikimedia Commons

A marketBorough
Cheese and coffee. Nothing more to say.

A museumThe Hunterian
Creepy but cool.

Richmond Park by Donald Macauley (Red Deer uploaded by Amada44) CC-BY-SA-2.0 ( via Wikimedia Commons

A parkRichmond Park
There are deer there!

I’m not that keen on the new decor but it’s got good beer and a nice crowd. Lenin used to drink there, but not with me.

By Simon Doggett from London, UK CC-BY-2.0 (] via Wikimedia Commons

St. John by Simon Doggett CC-BY-2.0 ( via Wikimedia Commons

A restaurantSt. John
Best for meat eaters but good honest food, classy but not pretentious and they do breakfast too. We used to live up the road and I recommend visiting the area as well.

A squareBrunswick Centre
Not strictly a square but a wonderful architecture anyway.

A takeawayThe Fryers Delight 
You can’t really go to England and not have Fish and Chips. This central location is pretty good. Get a pickled onion too.